Antoni Tapies

Antoni Tapies

Monday, June 22, 2015

Thoughts on 9/11

The 9/11 attacks reminded me of the Kennedy assassination in that some sort of conspiracy obviously did take place and an attempt was made to cover it up, not only by the perpetrators but also by authorities trying to maintain civil order, almost like a conspiracy within a conspiracy. Another factor, which I even mentioned to Dylan Avery himself, was that in revealing the conspiracy could well be more destructive than the conspiracy itself, another factor for a coverup.

In Avery's documentary 'Loose Change' the claim is made that the airliners in question all landed elsewhere, Cleveland among other places. I thought, that means that all the passengers were eliminated? I have seen my share of documentaries about 9/11 and somehow I have never seen evidence of the passengers' deaths presented. I thought all you would need is some personal articles, bone fragments, or something to allay suspicions.

Another concern was how could ANY unauthorized airplane get to the Pentagon? Maybe in 1961, but surely not in 2001.

The question arose in my mind, if it was conspiratorial why were the World Trade Center buildings brought down? It must have had something to do with what was in the buildings. It has been said that 'Building 7' nearby was demolished for insurance purposes. But even there it was done so quickly, and it takes some time to place explosive charges, an obvious anomaly. It is said that the chemical thermite was detected at the sites, which is used for demolition purposes.

Yes, if you look closely at the events of 9/11 there are many mysteries. But there are also machinations that take place within governments generally unknown. The size of some governments makes this possible.

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